Ode to Vitamin D

If I write ‘Ode’ please do not think there is going to be some verses written here. Today, I’m not in a mood to write rhymes.

VitD ReportAll I want to tell you is how badly Vitamin D deficiency can hit you.

Sometime back I got my blood tested and it revealed that my Vitamin D level is 12.3 ng/mL (see the image of my report).

According to the report it meant ‘Insufficiency’.

When I visited my dietician she said it is too low and I was put on its supplements for 2-3 months.

Understanding my lifestyle she said, ‘Most of the vegetarian people in IT sector face severe Vitamin D deficiency because they do not sit in Sunlight- the biggest source of sunlight.”

I was alarmed!

Though she guided me to have egg yolk, salmon fish, 2 glasses of milk per day and many more.

New Picture


Image Credit: http://www.entandallergyblog.com/2011/02/vit-d-deficiency-linked-to-kids-allergy.html

I immediately called my doctor cousin and he added general symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency as body ache, joint pain, restless sleep, poor concentration, laziness, and in worst cases it can lead to heart diseases and even cancer. His words sacred me further…

D defi

Please refer to the image for more from http://www.nature.com

And, I got down to my job of forcing everyone around me to get their Vitamin D tested you will not believe 90% of them showed insufficiency!

Now, whenever anybody says, “ I’m tired and my body is aching. I very confidently suggest them to test their Vitamin D.”

Doctor told me to stand in sun for 20 minutes everyday in morning, but due to the summer heat I’m not able to do so.

I think when I was in Shimla I was not Vitamin D deficient as basking in the sun was our super pastime!

So, friends did you ever get your Vitamin D checked? Please share your results with us.

(Please check Internet for details about Vitamin D, I just wanted to raise awareness among you. Hope I succeeded.)

Raised in Shimla and originally from Mandi district, Disha wears many caps which includes being part of a lead team of a fast growing IT company based out of Chandigarh. Earlier Disha was associated with My Himachal and visits Shimla regularly.

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