Monkey showers currency on Shimla residents

In monkey town Shimla, there was a scramble in Lower Bazaar, early yesterday morning, when civic services personnel and early morning walkers vied with each other to grab currency notes that suddenly started raining down on the market street.

Sweepers and market garbage cleaners were the first to notice that some currency notes of Rs 500/- denomination were falling on the street, eye witnesses claimed.

Monkey currency shower
Monkey currency shower

Much to the surprise of those present, they saw a monkey, sitting on a rooftop, was tearing a packet and throwing down the currency.

The rupee in freefall attracted so much attention that soon there was a crowd, with some pushing and jostling involved.

Office goers, businessmen and women joined in, when word spread around about the bounty up for grabs.

The monkey appeared to enjoy the scene, till some adventurous guys tried to make their way to the roof where the simian was merrily playing about with the wad of currency.

Taking a leap onto another nearby roof had the crowd follow him.

Currency notes of Rs 100 and Rs 500 denomination were rained on the Lower Bazaar street from 8.30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and the crowd was so much engrossed in grabbing the loot that no one even found time to capture the unusual scene on a mobile camera.

Eyewitnesses Manu Puri and Bubble Sharma claim that the amount showered down by the monkey god was more than Rs 100,000/-

A woman without disclosing her identity dialed the police helpline @100, and informed that currency was raining in the market.

However, by the time the police got to the spot, the show was over, the crowd after collecting the loot had dissolved and the hard to identify culprit monkey was missing.

The police is not amused for no one in the city has reported about a missing packet with wads of currency.

“We are enquiring,” is all that city police chief Abhishek Dulhar had to say about the unusual incident.

Shimla has been grabbling with an overgrown monkey population since a time when British planners founded the township, over 150 years ago.

The city’s highest point at Jakhu, there is a temple dedicated to Hanuman, the monkey God.

In recent years, the municipal authorities permitted and have established a giant monkey statue atop the hill.

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  1. says: Piyush Chauhan

    Most probably it was black money stored in rooftop from where monkey got hold of packet. HENCE THE SAYING ILL GO

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