AAP’s protest was it justified or even necessary?

To be perfectly clear I am only questioning the way the ‘accountability’ is being brought in. AAP’s protest was it justified or even necessary?

I am not questioning the good intentions that people of AAP and Arvind Kejriwal might have.

If by any chance during these ‘peace full’ protests somebody gets hurts, who’s accountable for that?

Who pays for the disruption that this protest is causing?

AAP and Kejriwal started out as social activists who had a complete right to protest to fight for the rights of the people of Delhi, then they decided that they need to be ‘inside’ the govt.

To clean up the corrupt ridden system. Fair enough.

Now that they are the ‘administrators’ of the Delhi government, they go back to their activist methods and call in a protest.

In which they are inviting people and the police to break the law and join them.

The Home Minister wants a probe completed before they can take action against the three police officers.

Granted it may be a long and fruitless process but is there any other way?

When did we move away from “innocent until proven guilty” principle? And where do we draw the line?

I hear a lot about condemning the ‘old tools’ and that we can’t make a new change with the old system. The ‘old tools’ that we are so quick to condemn are part of a democratic constitution that we have established over the years.

They may be archaic, but it needs careful thought process and proper planning to change or undo. What is to say that once the Delhi Police is under the control of the CM of Delhi, that they won’t abuse that privilege?

After all, didn’t the ‘law minister’ of AAP already break a law by naming the victim of a rape incident?

Historically why was the police placed under the control of the Home Ministry?

Is ‘anarchy’ the right forms of government?

What’s stopping an average Delhi citizen to then prescribe to the ‘anarchist’ form of ideologies?

In my opinion one can’t fix the law by breaking the law.

I guess I am also weary of the precedence that this is creating. This would be the first time in the history of India, where a CM has protested against his own government (and yes it is his own govt.).

What happens when he becomes the PM?

Is he going to do another protest to get his demands met rather than taking them to the parliament or assemblies for a vote? How was the Law Minister wrong in asking the police to take action?

The minister in question wasn’t ‘asking’ the police to ‘take action’ he was ‘telling’ them ‘which action’ to take and when. Which is why I (and apparently the Delhi Police) have an issue with this?

If one is to make a request to the police to take action, then one should wait for the police to conduct its inquiry, rather than taking the law into one’s hand. But that’s just me.

To many the only way to describe the behavior of the Law Minister is “irrational” in performing an “Illegal Raid”. What is an Illegal raid if not that one cannot search anyone’s premises without a proper search warrant.

How hard would it have been to get a warrant? Was getting the media coverage easier?

If the complaint was lodged months ago as claimed then the CM or the Law Minister should have had no issues in getting a search warrant, and even if our process would have been excruciatingly slow by now I would imagine you would have had your warrant.

Couldn’t the law minister be more diligent and get the proper procedures in order before launching a smear campaign against the police. Now fast forward to now.

There are more FIR’s lodged against the law minister by foreign nationals claiming that they were harassed. That could have been easily avoided. Again I am not questioning AAP’s intentions; it’s their methods that puzzle me. The minister stormed to the spot and then called the SHO.

Shouldn’t this be the other way around? Unless his intention was only to smear the Delhi Police and show their incompetence so that he and his party can further their case for taking control of Delhi Police. I wonder. But that would be ‘hypothetical’ (yet plausible since It’s no secret that they want Delhi Police under CM’s rule).

I agree that India’s law and system needs a complete re-vamp and standing up to it, is the right way. But as an activist/a citizen you can do anything you want (protest, hunger strikes, etc), but as a Chief Minister of the capital one needs to get support from all before trying to undo what has been agreed upon by all states and the parliament.

He needs to get the Home Ministry on his side if he wants to make a dent in this system. Isn’t that what proper governance is all about? From what I see, he is further alienating the Home Ministry and the Delhi Police by throwing out accusations before anything is proven.

However, I do agree that change can happen, but we need to be patient and work with all agencies rather than work against them. To be fair to Sheila Dixit (and no I am not advocating on her behalf) also tried in 2012 to get the Delhi Police under her control and her request was denied. Perhaps, he should re-open that debate and try and convince the govt. through proper channels.

One of the Keriwal’s fulfilled promises is to start the audit of companies that provide electricity which was held up for years. That’s a great’s start.

But if we start protesting and demanding the licenses be stricken from these companies or that we should fine them (I am only giving examples here as illustration), ‘before’ there is any finalized report from these audits then wouldn’t we be going against the ‘protocol’?

Why should we wait for the report of these audits when we shouldn’t be waiting for the police inquiry of these officers? In a democratic society we can’t pick and choose which law to uphold and which one we can sideline.

Something must be done in order to make the change and that hopefully these ‘dharnas’ and protests from our Chief Minister actually brings about change that Delhi and by extension people of India are waiting with baited breath and not just make a mockery of our system and country.

In the end the only thing I would say is that, when you are an activist making mistakes is ok and can be corrected with minimal impact to the society at large.

When you are however a Chief Minister even a tiny mistake can have a ripple effect and impact the state for years to come. I encourage everyone in Delhi to be cautious (along with being practical) and not just get in the emotion of it all, after all that is our right isn’t it.

Avinash G

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