US sanctions complicate nuclear issue: Iran

Tehran, July 3 (IANS) Iran has criticised the latest US sanctions which came into effect Monday, and said that imposing fresh sanctions only complicates its nuclear issue.

“There is no doubt that the imposition of new sanctions is a failed policy, and we are surprised to see that the US government and its allies repeat the wrong and failed policy,” Xinhua reported, citing an Iranian foreign ministry spokesperson.

The new US sanctions, aimed to put further pressure on Iran over its controversial nuclear programme, ban gold sales to and trades in gold with the Islamic republic, and put further embargo on its shipping and automobile sectors.

To circumvent Western financial sanctions which restrict money return in exchange for energy exports, Iran is believed to have received gold from its natural gas and oil customers.

“The intensification of sanctions is not a solution to Iran’s nuclear issue and will not help settle it,” spokesperson Abbas Araqchi said, adding that “lifting sanctions can help resolve the issue and serve as a confidence-building measure”.

Iran’s energy and financial sectors are under intensive sanction pressures by the US and its allies who suspect Iran’s nuclear programme might be aimed at weapon-grade activities. Iran, though, insists that it is for civilian use.

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