Pharmacy gets more accessible

New Delhi, July 3 (IANS) If driving down to a pharmacy to collect medicines is a pain, use your phone or computer to visit HealthKartPlus, a generic drug search engine. It lets people order medicines from various pharmacies. It also enables users to find affordable generic drugs.

In addition to these, it gives clinical information, and explanation of medical terms that can be understood by the common man. It helps to understand how prescription medicine works. The user can also compare drugs by prices.

Consumers can upload their prescription, which can be read by a team of pharmacists and experts, and place orders.

“Our vision is an inclusive network of health services that brings products at affordable rates to the far corners of the country. It is not just an order generating platform but our extensive network of key pharmacies and manufacturers adds up as an order fulfillment platform as well,” Prashant Tandon, co-founder of HealthKart, said in a statement.

There are over one lakh drugs in the HealthKartPlus database.

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