Pakistan rejects Afghan government’s claim on Taliban

Islamabad, July 2 (IANS) Pakistan Tuesday rejected as completely baseless the comments and “ideas” attributed to it by Afghan officials relating to alleged “power-sharing formula” with the Taliban or attempting to “bring fiefdoms to Afghanistan”.

Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister Irshad Ahmadi said in Kabul Monday that Pakistan suggested the Afghan government share power with the Taliban as part of the end game, reported Xinhua.

Ahmadi claimed that Pakistan’s security adviser Sartaj Aziz floated the proposal in his meeting with Afghan Ambassador Umer Daudzai in Islamabad Friday.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai also said in Kabul at the weekend that he has heard some rumours from Pakistan for handing over some parts to the Taliban.

Pakistan angrily rejected the Afghan government’s claim.

“This is a fabrication as no such notions have been expressed by any Pakistani official,” said the Pakistan foreign ministry.

“This is not our policy to encourage any fissiparous tendencies. In fact, Pakistan has always supported a peaceful, stable and united Afghanistan,” Pakistani foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement.

He said Pakistan is playing a constructive and positive role to facilitate an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned reconciliation process.

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