Georgia May Jagger worries about tooth gap

Los Angeles, July 1 (IANS) Rolling Stones musician Mick Jagger’s daughter, model Georgia May is worried that her tooth gap will make her look “scary” when she’s older.

“I still worry I’m going to look weird as I get older. I’ll be a weird old woman with scary teeth,” quoted Georgia as saying.

“There’s this whole idea of perfection in modelling. What younger girls don’t realise is that these girls do have problems. It’s good for people to realise everyone is human,” added the 21-year-old.

Although the gap may be perceived as an imperfection, Georgia can seek inspiration from fellow gap-toothed beauty Lauren Hutton, who is still modelling at the age of 69.

Like Georgia, Hutton was often advised to correct the gap in her teeth but valiantly embraced it and went on to appear on the cover of American Vogue 26 times.

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