Chinese labourer wins $2 million with lotteries

Chinese labourer wins $2 million with lotteriesBeijing:  Luck really smiled on a construction worker in China’s Fujian province when he pocketed over 14 million yuan (over $2 million) of combined jackpots within nine days.

The migrant worker, who was only identified as Wang, had bought 36 lottery tickets with the same number, which hit the jackpot, in a lottery ticket outlet in Ningde city June 18, winning 5.02 million yuan, China Daily reported Wednesday.

Eight days later, Wang hit the jackpot again, winning a total of 9.23 million yuan with several prize winning lottery tickets, one of which being worth 8.52 million yuan of prize money.

Wang who continued to work on a construction site with his wife despite winning on the first occasion, said he couldn’t sleep. He admitted though on the second windfall his work was affected.

Wang, who has turned indecisive since winning such a big amount, said: “I don’t know what to do with the money. But I have to continue my work on the construction site.”

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