Tired of ‘lies’ Parrikar makes a comeback on Facebook

Panaji, June 3 (IANS) “Lies” spread on the social media has forced Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar to make a comeback on Facebook after a long hiatus.

In a post Sunday, Parrikar assured his thousands of friends and followers that he would pop up more often on Facebook in defence of his government’s actions and policies.

“While I respect criticism based on facts, Facebook has increasingly become a medium to spread lies,” Parrikar posted on his wall.

Parrikar also acknowledged that while the social media was a great medium to reach out to people, of late it was being used by many, possibly with vested interests, to spread blatant lies.

“Though I had ignored this in the past, the wrong information provided could be taken by many as truth in absence of facts. Through my updates, I will bring to you the activities and stand of the government and also, the facts. Regular updates to follow,” said Parrikar.

The popularity of the chief minister among the internet community can be gauged from the fact that this one post which promises a comeback logged 3,573 likes and over 800 comments.

Parrikar in his post also said that ever since he assumed power in March 2012, the ride for him as chief minister — his third stint in his political career — had not been a smooth one.

“After 15 months of taking over as chief minister, the journey has been full of ups and downs… However, due to relentless efforts, the government has managed to implement most of the promised welfare schemes despite the drastic drop in revenue,” Parrikar said in his post.

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