Terry Jones to receive honorary doctorate

London, June 20 (IANS) British author, actor and director Terry Jones of comedy group Monty Python will be awarded an honorary degree by the University of Glasgow Friday.

The veteran star will receive a Doctorate of Letters for his contribution towards film and television and for his academic research around medieval history and literature.

He is “proud” to receive the honour.

“I am proud to be awarded the title of Doctor of Letters from the University of Glasgow and would like to offer my thanks for the consideration,” Jones said in a statement.

A ceremony will be held at the University Friday morning.

Jones will visit the University’s Special Collections, where he will view some archived Medieval manuscripts. Towards the evening, he will present a lecture on ‘Chaucer in the 21st Century’.

Terry’s lecture will present his own research findings which address the images of the Canterbury pilgrims that appear in the Ellesmere manuscript of Geoffrey Chaucer “The Canterbury Tales”.

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