Surgery has left me look like chipmunk: Jackie Stallone

Los Angeles, June 20 (IANS) Jackie Stallone, mother of Hollywood action star Sylvester Stallone, says plastic surgeries have left her looking “like a chipmunk” with a “mouthful of nuts”.

The 91-year-old has had countless surgical procedures over the years, and regrets how they have left her looking.

“I do and actually I’ve got too much, I look like I’ve got a mouth full of nuts, it’s (cosmetic filler) Juvederm, too much of it. I feel as though I look like a chipmunk,” quoted Jackie as saying.

“Juvederm plumps you up but it looks like you have a mouth full of walnuts. I’ve had chemical peels, I’ve had three of those and about 50 injections,” she added.

However, Jackie, an astrologer and former dancer, said she is against botox injections and fillers, which reduce wrinkles but can leave the face looking stiff.

“No botox, I don’t need that, what I want botox wouldn’t help. I don’t have wrinkles in my forehead, I genetically don’t have that, that’s something I can be thankful for,” she said.

Although she lives in the suburb of Santa Monica here, Jackie does not visit doctors in nearby Beverly Hills for her surgery, as she doesn’t trust them.

“I’m all for everything to make you look good, anything and everything. But most of the plastic surgery in Beverly Hills is rotten. I have seen on TV and in person the biggest hacks,” she said.

“Just because it’s Beverly Hills and they do the stars, but do you see what the stars look like? They look like they’ve been struck by lightning don’t they,” she added.

Jackie is also fit and healthy, attending tap dancing classes, working with a personal trainer and playing the piano every day, as she wants to set an example for other senior citizens.

“You have to be a role model for seniors. And actually I became a role model for the movie stars at 50, because what they dread more than anything is getting old and shot. But I get more popular as I get older. I use a bag of spinach a day, every morning for breakfast I steam a bowl of it and boil an egg on it. That’s the secret to my longevity,” she added.

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