Singer Sriram to act in Telugu film

Mumbai, June 18 (IANS) Singer Sriram, the winner of singing reality show “Indian Idol – 5” and who sang Bollywood numbers like “Balma” and “Subhaanallah”, is set to act in Telugu film “Prema Jeema Jaanta Nai”.

“If the audience has expectations from us, it’s a good thing. I like that because I love to deliver when I am under pressure… They want to see what I will do next,” Sriram said here Monday at the recording of “Crazy Love” album.

As a musician Sriram hopes to see revival of private album culture.

“Earlier private albums used to work, but today it is only Bollywood songs. I want that time to come back and hope private songs also do well. Sonuji (Nigam) had come out with a lot of albums and also Shaan and KK,” he said.

Sriram has been singing since the age of eight. Even before winning “Indian Idol – 5” in 2010, Sriram was active in the southern film industry.

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