Siberian tiger eats oxes in China

Beijing, June 26 (IANS) A wild Siberian tiger has eaten several oxes in the past week in two forest farms of China’s Heilongjiang province, authorities said Wednesday.

Two people called police to report that their oxes had been eaten by wild animals and that plum-blossom-shape footprints were discovered, Xinhua reported.

The killer animal was confirmed to be a mature wild Siberian tiger above three years after analysis of the footprints.

It is 19 years since a wild Siberian tiger was found in the west Wandashan mountain area, about 200 km away from the China-Russian border where the big cat frequently appeared.

Siberian tigers, one of the world’s rarest animal species, mainly live in eastern Russia, northeast China and parts of the Korean Peninsula. Less than 500 Siberian tigers currently live in the wild.

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