Selena trying to figure out herself

Los Angeles, June 2 (IANS) Singer Selena Gomez, who will turn 21 next month, said she is trying to figure out who she is — as she still feels 15 years old at heart.

“I feel like sometimes I am 15 in my heart. You know, sometimes I just go in waves of being a child and being an adult. It’s awkward, I am growing up. I am just trying to figure out who I am,” quoted the 20-year-old as saying.

She is all geared up to celebrate her 21st birthday.

She said: “I’m going to enjoy being 21, absolutely, of course. I am going to have a party. My family from Texas, my friends and my cousins are flying in. I will have some of my best friends in Los Angeles.”

Gomez insists that she does not have any regrets of what she has done in her life or career.

She said: “Everyone goes through things, the bad and the good, and at the end of the day, I don’t regret anything. It makes me who I am.”

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