Rajesh Mapuskar to research for next in Shillong

Mumbai, June 27 (IANS) Filmmaker Rajesh Mapuskar, who is busy scripting his next film, a musical, says he will be heading to Shillong to research for the project.

“I’m scripting my next film, and it will be a musical film. A lot of research needs to be done and I’m busy with that,” Mapuskar, who helmed “Ferrari Ki Sawaari”, told IANS.

“I’ll be going to Shillong for the research work, and then the first draft of the script will be ready,” he added.

Mapuskar has clarified that it is not any biopic. “It’s an original script about music and dance, so I am putting together the story to form a full-fledged screenplay.”

The project is likely to go on floors by next year.

“I don’t want to be in a hurry, but if my script is ready then I may start rolling the cameras by next year,” he said.

The cast is also yet to finalised as Mapuskar said: “I don’t script films keeping somebody in mind. I have kept things very open, so only once the script is ready, I shall think about the cast.”

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