Pre-monsoon showers cool Punjab, Haryana

Chandigarh: Pre-monsoon showers continued in most parts of Punjab and Chandigarh and parts of Haryana today, bringing down the temperature considerably.

Chandigarh had a maximum temperature of 23.7 degrees, 14 degrees below the average as city residents enjoyed the cool weather, amidst rain. The city recorded nearly 50 mm of rain till evening. The minimum temperature here was 21.9 degrees.

Met officials said that the monsoon, which was advancing well, is likely to hit parts of Punjab and Haryana in the next three days. This would be much earlier than the scheduled arrival date of July 1.

In Punjab, industrial hub Ludhiana recorded a high of 23.6 degrees, 16 degrees below normal as the city recorded 37 mm of rain till evening.

Patiala town recorded over 100 mm rain since yesterday.

In Haryana, Hisar town recorded over 60 mm of rain since early today.

Met officials said that moderate to heavy rain and thunderstorms will take place in most parts of both states and in Chandigarh.


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