Pakistani girl accused of blasphemy now in Canada

London, June 29 (IANS) A teenaged Pakistani Christian girl, who was “falsely accused” of blasphemy has fled to Canada with her family, BBC reported.

Rimsha Masih, 14, was detained in a maximum security prison for several weeks in August 2012, after being accused of burning pages from the Quran.

Although charges against the girl were later dropped, she and her family were forced into hiding after receiving death threats.

Rimsha, believed to have learning difficulties, was arrested in a Christian area of Islamabad, after a furious crowd demanded she be punished.

A local Muslim cleric has been accused of framing her.

The teenager has now settled in Canada with her family, although their exact location has not been made public, BBC said.

A Christian activist in Canada said the teenager was learning English and enjoying school. “They feel free,” he said.

Critics have accused Pakistani courts of using the country’s harsh blasphemy laws to target members of minority religions.

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