No scope for short films in India: Rohit Bharadwaj

Mumbai, June 29 (IANS) TV actor Rohit Bharadwaj, who featured in a short Punjabi film “Waapasi”, is elated that the project was awarded at the 3rd Dada Saheb Film Festival. But he rues how the country is not yet ready for the short film format.

“Honestly, there’s no scope for short films here. In our country, commercially, short films have no mark. We took two-and-a-half years to make this film as we didn’t have a producer,” Rohit, who has been a part of other short films too, told IANS.

“Waapasi”, directed by Deepak Sharma, picked the jury award for the best short film – at the 3rd Dada Saheb Film Festival, held earlier this year. Rohit also won the best actor award for his performance.

The actor, who has been seen in TV shows like “Navya” and “Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha”, said the film revolves around the protagonist, who stays abroad and mints money, but when he comes home, he doesn’t feel at home.

Being a part of short films gives Rohit creative satisfaction, and this drives him to make more of them.

“At times, we are not allowed to do our kind of cinema. But in a short film, we can do anything, the way we want. This is for creative satisfaction. Worldwide, short films do well,” he said.

As for his TV career, he says some shows are in the pipeline. But his main focus is films.

“I am trying for TV, but my goal is films. In our industry, getting films is not easy. I don’t plan to stick to TV for a long time. I’m just waiting for good role because I don’t want to do just anything,” he said.

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