New Education System With New Problems

Shimla: National Higher Education Mission (Rashtriya Ucchtar Shiksha Abhiyan – RUSA) has turned out to be a big headache for the students of higher classes in Himachal Pradesh.

College students here are facing much problems in adapting to the new educational system that is to be implemented from this session.

Himachal Pradesh University has implemented the Choice Based Credit System in the UG and PG classes under which students are supposed to choose their minor and major subjects, in accordance with their interest.

To top it, numbers of seats in each subject have been limited in every college and semester system has introduced for under graduate courses.

The new system has been introduced despite most of the students and student’s organizations opposing it saying that the State University is not ready yet to implement it from this year.

University is expected to get a grant of Rs 100 Crore from University Grants Commission for the new education system for improving the educational system.

Umesh Dutt, a student leader at a press conference here said that the new system is against the student community. The university is doing all this just to obtain the grant and is thrusting it down the students throat to follow it, despite the fact that neither the students nor the college / university administrations is prepared for it right away, said Dutt.

Meanwhile the city college principals have held a meeting with University authorities but not decision has been made.

Principals have also made a representation about the problems being faced under the new RUSA system and a meeting has been scheduled for 17 June with the Vice Chancellor and State Government officials to look for solutions.

However, the Vice Chancellor has said that all issued related to the new education system would be sorted out and the problems solved so that there is no confusion.

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