Kolkata readies for gourmet mango dishes

Kolkata, June 2 (IANS) Foodies, take a bow! The mighty king of fruits – the mango – is back in season in a variety of avatars to tickle your taste buds and make you salivate for more.

Be it desserts, beverages or kebabs, mango rules the platter this summer in Kolkata.

Famed tea boutique Dolly’s Tea Shop in the southern part of the city, which completes 25 years this year, has on offer tea-based mango refreshers like Mango Tango, Sweet Mango and Mango Khus.

Those with a penchant for juggling both the sweet and the sour can go for Mango Tango, whereas the flowery aroma of Mango Khus tempts ones with a mild taste.

“Mango Tango is a favourite among youngsters,” said a server at the shop.

Lovers of non-vegetarian fare like prawns and chicken can look forward to Mango Prawn Salad (served cold) or the crispy chicken one served with mango sauce.

“Crispy chicken is served with the mango sauce and adds to the tanginess,” said an official of Mango People restaurant.

One can take a bite of filling appetisers like Kairi Ka Murgh Tikka (chicken marinated in mango) or Stuffed Paneer Aam Tikka (mango flavoured cottage cheese) at the ongoing mango festival at Zodiac Cafe, Fortune Select Loudon hotel.

“We have got mocktails like Mango Mojito Sunrise and Mango Marmalades instead of the basic mango juice,” said a Zodiac representative.

Street food lovers can simply stroll up to the many kulfi kiosks in Esplanade, in the heart of the city, to sink their teeth into lip-smacking soft, yellow-coloured mango-flavoured kulfis served in green mango skins.

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