Kerry to take part in US-India Strategic Dialogue

New Delhi June 23-25 to chair the inter-agency delegation on the fourth annual US-India Strategic Dialogue.

The dialogue, inaugurated in 2009, is a forum to discuss the full range of US-India cooperation on bilateral and regional issues, reflecting the strong strategic partnership between the two countries.

Topics for discussion will include bilateral and regional economic engagement, regional security and defence, science and technology, climate change, and other global issues such as women’s empowerment, non-proliferation and space cooperation.

While in New Delhi, Secretary Kerry will also open the second annual US-India Higher Education Dialogue, deliver a policy speech on bilateral and regional issues, and meet young leaders and innovators.

New Delhi will be the second halt in Kerry’s schedule. His first destination will be Doha, and from India he will travel to Jeddah, Kuwait City, Amman, Jerusalem and Bandar Seri Begawan.

In Doha, Kerry also take part in a meeting with the “London 11” foreign ministers to discuss the situation in Syria, including support to the Syrian opposition.

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