India’s Green Mission Environment Funds Saga

India’s ambitious plans to halt climate change and reverse the damage done by man have been halted due to lack of funds. The green mission was intending to fight climate change and reverse the effects by enhancing forest cover, however at an estimated cost of Rs.46, 000 crore by 2020 it seems the money is simply not available. The Prime Ministers Council on Climate Change in 2011 gave the go ahead for the project, but since then no funds have been made available and the project has now had to be halted in its tracks. Ultimately the project needs a good dose of good luck, similar to that experienced by players who enjoy top casino games at a site like , where large jackpots are in abundance.

The Green India Mission had aimed to increase forest cover by over 5 million hectares and improve the density and quality of the forest on another 5 million more. This Mission was one of 8 under the National Action Plan on Climate Change or NAPCC; however it has had to be abandoned due to lack of funding. At the time of the mission’s founding it was agreed the funding would be sourced from a number of ministries and the Planning Commission, however nothing has been received over the last two years.

V. Rajagopalan, the secretary of the Environmental Ministry stated that around Rs.2, 000 crore was supposed to be paid from the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme whilst the Planning Commission was to then supply the balance of the funds needed, however now the mission is stuck and the decline of the world’s forests is rapidly continuing.

In addition to planting and maintaining the trees the mission was intended to focus on improving eco systems services, including hydrological services and biodiversity and carbon sequestration. It was also intended to boost the livelihood of more than three million forest dwellers across India. The ultimate result of the intended mission was to reach an annual carbon dioxide sequestration of 50 to 60 million tonnes by the year 2020.

Chief of the U.N’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, R.K. Pachauri has now called for better co ordination amongst India’s various Ministries and States in order to implement the mission and make it a reality in the next year.

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