Indian Statistical Institute offers help to map climate change

Kolkata, June 29 (IANS) The Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) has offered to help the government in mapping climatic changes in the country to develop a better understanding about the phenomena.

“We are ready to help the government with the climate change mapping project,” Bimal K. Roy, ISI’s director said during a function to celebrate the ‘Statistics Day’ and the 120th birth anniversary of Indian scientist and applied statistician P.C. Mahalanobis here Saturday.

Roy said the initiative would statistically estimate “region-wise” climate sensitivity across the country.

“It will enable an enumeration of statistical co-relation of global temperature and greenhouse gases equivalent.”

“There is no doubt that global warming is taking place. It is an extremely complex project and we are talking about it. It can only be done statistically. We have given the suggestion to ISI,” said R. Chidambaram, principal scientific advisor to the central government.

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