‘Gulaab Gang’ team celebrates women’s triumphs

New Delhi, June 5 (IANS) The team of forthcoming movie “Gulaab Gang”, which is based on the real life story of women’s grit and determination, has launched BELIEVE, a campaign that celebrates the triumphs of women’s heroism.

“Gulaab Gang”, directed by Soumik Sen, is loosely based on Uttar Pradesh-based social activist Sampat Pal and her Gulabi Gang, which works towards liberation of women in the state.

Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla, who play pivotal roles in the film, ‘believe’ their work should inspire audiences.

“As a creative artist, my job has been to inspire audiences with art and films I’m part of. And the campaign allows me to present before you stories that are inspiring for us all. I look forward to saluting the unknown heroines of the country,” Madhuri said in a statement.

An initiative by Benaras Mediaworks in association with “Gulaab Gang”, the campaign will bring forth stories of valour from across the country and talk about unheard stories and unsung heroines.

The campaign will invite entries of women across the country who have battled odds and emerged victorious. The entries will be analysed by a panel of eminent personalities from varied walks of life, who will select 20 stories of inspiration that the nation must hear of. These inspiring stories will be adapted into short films.

Juhi Chawla said: “BELIEVE ties in beautifully with the theme of the film – in life too, women managing homes, families and careers, face challenges and discrimination everyday.

“It’s always inspiring and uplifting to know a real story of real women who have overcome hardships, extreme hardships and come out as winners.”

Producer Anubhav Sinha says that “Gulaab Gang” is an attempt “to inspire women to fight for their freedom from social injustice or stigma.”

“Women continue to be oppressed, marginalised, and violated every single day. However, despite adverse climes that women in this nation are subject to, we see shining examples of some who have blazed the trail and against all odds have emerged victorious to show us that the term ‘weaker sex’ is an absolute mistake,” said Sinha.

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