Early morning showers cool Agra

Agra, June 16 (IANS) Light showers in the early hours of Sunday came as a welcome relief for Agra residents, who had been experiencing sultry weather conditions for the past several days. The weather office here has forecast thunderstorm with rain during the day.

“The drizzle was light but a welcome relief from the sweltering heat of the past one week,” said Padmini, a resident of Chimmanlal Road here.

An official of the regional Met Office said that thunderstorm with rain is likely on Sunday.

The change in weather conditions will facilitate tourism in the city as visitors will be able to spend more time at the Taj Mahal and other monuments, said Ved Gautam, a tourist guide.

“Tourists were not coming for our morning Oriental Yatra tour of the city due to the heat. But now we hope visitors would return and enjoy the ride through the lanes of the city in eco-friendly vehicles,” said Amit Sisodia of the Agra Beat, a group seeking to promote alternative tourism.

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