CRPF raise first all-woman commando unit

Gurgaon: The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) today introduced its first 30-member all-woman commando squad here, an official said.CRPF raise first all-woman commando unit

India’s first paramilitary women commando team, consisting of 30 highly trained and motivated women, including two officers, has undergone a tough regimen of three months’ commando training at Rajasthan’s Jodhpur Police Academy, the official said.

“They have been trained in various aspects like hostage crisis, rescuing citizens endangered in terrorist attacks, providing proximate security to visiting female dignitaries, counter-terrorist operations, resolving high-risk situations, resolving situations involving vital installations, situations involving high-risk suicidal attacks and providing additional security at special events,” the official said at the paramilitary’s group centre Kadarpur, some 10 km from Gurgaon city.

CRPF Director General Pranay Sahay said the Mahila battalions of the force were the most manifest form of women’s empowerment and had been able to present an example before the country with their courage, dedication and loyalty.

“CRPF women are deployed all over the country in operational and conflict zones and have also been coordinating religious yatras like the gruelling Amarnath Yatra,” said Sahay.

The all-woman commando team also gave a performance of their skills at the function.


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