Chanel ahead of Louis Vuitton in China

Beijing, June 28 (IANS) French brand Chanel is China’s favourite fashion brand and is closely followed by Estée Lauder and Louis Vuitton.

The list was compiled by Digital Luxury Group and the company’s founder and CEO, David Sadigh, believes Chanel is leading in China due to demand for beauty products, reports

“Chanel is benefitting from an important level of interest in China, mostly emanating from strong interest from Chinese consumers in its beauty products, which Louis Vuitton does not have,” WWD quoted Sadigh as saying.

On the basis of China’s World Luxury Index 2013, Chanel ranked behind the automobile brands Audi and BMW, which were placed at first and second positions respectively.

Estée Lauder was placed at number four and Louis Vuitton at number five. Other fashion and beauty brands included Dior that took eighth place, Lancôme ranked number 11, Gucci got the 12th spot followed by Hermès.

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