Canadian sports body upholds ban on turbans

Toronto, June 3 (IANS) The World Sikh Organisation has expressed sadness at the decision of Canadian football organisation’s decision to uphold a ban on turbans on field.

The board of directors of the Quebec Soccer Federation (QSF) has decided to continue its ban on players wearing turbans on field despite a directive by the Canadian Soccer Association to referees last April to permit head coverings on field, CBC News reported.

The QSF had cracked down on players wearing the turban, including the patka and the keski worn by young Sikhs, since last year.

“It was decided that referees in Quebec will apply FIFA’s (Federation of International Football Associations) Law 4, taking into account that the only equipment accepted, and that the only exceptions allowed, are specifically mentioned in Law 4,” the QSF was quoted as saying in a statement.

Though FIFA hasn’t made yet made clear its ruling on turbans, the QSF has said it would sanction referees allowing the same.

“While girls are permitted to wear headscarves, I fail to see the logic in prohibiting turbans for Sikh boys,” Prem Singh Vinning, president of the World Sikh Organisation, was quoted as saying in a statement.

“Sikh children have waited patiently since last year for this issue to resolve so they can rejoin their peers on the pitch. Unfortunately, they will have to wait even longer,” he said.

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