Brothers keep Henry ‘Superman’ Cavill grounded

Los Angeles, June 17 (IANS) He may play Superman in “Man of Steel”, but in real life Henry Cavill can’t afford to forget his roots, thanks to his siblings who keep a check on him.

The 30-year-old has already splashed out to celebrate him getting the role of the superhero. But the actor is trying to remain grounded because he knows his four siblings will bring him back down to earth if he starts going over the top, reports

When the actor was asked if he is managing to keep his feet on the ground, he said: “I’ve got four brothers who’ll kick my a** if I get involved in the glitz and glamour, so I think so!”

The British-born star has already had a break from his roots while shooting the movie as he had to put on an American accent to play Superman, and found it “easy” to put on a different voice.

“Doing an American accent is about exercising the muscles in your throat and your mouth. Sometimes it can sound great for a long period of time, sometimes your inflection’s wrong,” said Cavill.

“As long as you have a professional watching over you, telling you when you do something wrong, it can seem effortless,” he added.

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