British monuments on display in watercolours at Kolkata

Kolkata, June 17 (IANS) England’s past would enchant you with paintings of its historic monuments, courtesy a month-long exhibition by an Indian artist that began at the iconic British-era Victoria Memorial here Monday.

City-based artist Swaroop Mukerji takes viewers on a picturesque journey of Britain in the exhibition titled “English Heritage Monuments”.

Displaying 10 paintings of landmark edifices like Marble Hill House, Wellington Arch, Osborne House, The War Memorial and Westminster Abbey Chapter House, the event is part of a project funded by the ministry of culture of the UK.

“The project was commissioned by the organisation English Heritage, under the ministry of culture of U.K. It is sort of a reverse trend – Indian artist painting British monuments,” Mukerji told IANS.

According to Mukerji, the project took two weeks to complete and while some of the pictures are in watercolours, others are in mixed media.

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