Blurred nudity on TV rising

Los Angeles, June 5 (IANS) There is a rise in blurred or pixilated nudity on shows, and this is unacceptable on prime-time broadcast TV, says the American Parents Television Council (PTC).

“Blurred or pixilated full nudity is increasingly being shown on prime-time broadcast television shows, and almost 70 percent of this type of nudity is shown on TV-PG rated programmes,” quoted PTC as saying.

The finding is based on a study between Jan 1 and April 26.

PTC concludes that broadcasting television networks NBC and ABC are the most responsible, with the nets collectively accounting “for 88 percent of full nudity aired on prime-time broadcast television”.

Some of the shows crossing the line include “The Bachelor” and “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers”.

“Most parents instinctively know that they need to monitor what their kids watch on television, but our new research shows that it would be almost impossible for them to protect their kids from blurred or pixilated nudity on TV since most broadcast TV networks are rating these shows as acceptable for young children,” said PTC president Tim Winter.

PTC also documented the most common swear words on television.

It has demanded that the Federal Communications Commission take action against CBS for allowing the “f” word during the annual championship game of the National Football League Super Bowl.

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