Bishop Cotton School Shimla students scale Mt Deo Tibba in Manali

Shimla: A team of four students of Bishop Cotton School have successfully scaled the 19688ft (6,001 m) Mt Deo Tibba (Mountain of Gods) – a technical peak set back in the Manali valley.

A team comprising of Mahim Gupta (student leader), Sanjeev Sikri, Anirudh Dipta, Madhav Sahejpaul and Shubham Hissaria was accompanied by Mr.Dinesh Kumar (teacher/instructor).

BCS Students scale Mt tibba

The expedition began on June 3, and ascend to the summit was carried out in the early morning hours of June 11. The weather was furious and unfavorable for climbing so the team, taking on the odds, had to ascend from the advance camp (set at 16000ft) to the summit i.e. a seven hour trek on 80 degree inclined ice walls, in one go.

Crossing over open crevasses and heading through snowstorms and temperatures as low as -20 degrees, the team reached the summit and unfurled the school flag and the tri-color at 9:15 am of the June 11.

Unfortunately, Shubham Hissaria felt altitude’s blunt at 18200feet and was forced to descend to the advance camp to seek medical aid.

Though, the height of the peak may not seem really challenging for a professional mountaineer, but the equipment, skill and stamina required for scaling the peak was no less than that required for any other higher peek in the Himalayas.

The team of students underwent a basic mountaineering course and training at the Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Manali (ABVIMAS).

Mr.Rajiv Sharma, former deputy director of ABHVIMAS, Manali was the team’s technical adviser of the expedition, which was planned by Trek India Outdoor under the supervision of Mr. Naresh Kumar.

It is worth noting that recently a team of students from Lawrence School Sanawar set a new record as six of its members’ summitted the world’s highest peak – Mount Everest!

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  1. says: Richard D'Abeu

    I am amazed to hear that boys from the school successfully attempted to climb a mountain. In my time 1936 to 1846. my longest khud walk would be to Tara Davi station. We would enjoy a cold bottle of milk at the dairy, and then walk back either by the same way we came, or by following the railway line back to Simla. We would look in all the tunnels for birds eggs. These long walks would be done on weekends or term holidays.
    I would like to congratulate the boys that went on the mountain climb on their courage and dedication. When do they get the time off to complete such a feet. Best wishes…..Dick D’Abreu.

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