Bahrainis jailed for attacking Indian tailors

Dubai, June 6 (IANS) A court in Bahrain has sentenced three Bahraini nationals to two years in jail for assaulting two Indian tailors in that country in a case dating back to 2011.

A lower criminal court Wednesday convicted the trio for attacking the Indians in August 2011 after anti-government riots had broken out Feb 14 the same year in that Gulf nation, the Gulf Daily News reported Thursday.

According to the victims, the five Bahrainis had entered their shop at Daih in north Bahrain and started attacking them.

“We were in the shop when five Bahraini men, who just finished participating in an illegal gathering, stormed in and started attacking us,” a 32-year-old victim was quoted as telling the prosecutors.

“One of them grabbed the scissors and started stabbing my head and back.”

He said that while he was kicked around as he lay on the ground, his colleague was hit on the head with a wooden plank.

Of the five attackers, only three could be implicated later

One of the defendants said that they attacked the Indians “as we thought it would scare away foreigners (from Bahrain) following the unrest in 2011”.

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