31st birthday is special for Allari Naresh

Hyderabad, June 30 (IANS) Actor Allari Naresh, who turned 31 Sunday, says this will be a special birthday as it is coinciding with the audio launch of his upcoming Telugu romantic-comedy “Kevvu Keka”.

“My producer and director insisted that we have the audio launch on this day. Birthdays are usually special and this will be an even special birthday because it’s coinciding with the audio launch of my film. I think birthdays will be fun when you’re busy doing something that you love,” Naresh told IANS.

“I will spend the morning with my family. I have been travelling a lot for the last few months and I think this will be a welcome break for me as well as for my folks,” he added.

He is paired with Sharmiela Mandre in “Kevvu Keka”, which is directed by Devi Prasad.

Naresh, who made his cinematic debut with Telugu adult-comedy “Allari” with filmmaker Ravi Babu, has teamed up with the director for the second time.

“Ravi and I have so much fun on sets. We share a very friendly relationship and it helps us to work effectively. We are doing comedy again because both of us are comfortable with the genre and it also seems to be the pick of the season,” he added.

Known for his comedy blockbusters such as “Seema Shastry”, “Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters” and “Bendu Apparao RMP”, Naresh likes going by audiences’ choice.

“Audiences make us what we are in films, therefore it’s best if I do roles they want to see me in. I ensure it doesn’t get repetitive by choosing different scripts. Most of my films may belong to the comedy genre, but they are different from each other,” he said.

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