When filmmaker Pandiraj was offered role (With Image)

Chennai, May 2 (IANS) Tamil filmmaker Pandiraj was offered a key role in his upcoming production venture “Moodar Koodam”, but the filmmaker couldn’t take out enough time from his busy schedule for it.

“Naveen (director) told me that there was an important role that I could play in the film. Initially, I was game for it and we even did a screen test, but eventually I got busy with the post-production work of my last film and couldn’t take out time,” Pandiraj told IANS.

“I only agreed to act because Naveen convinced me that there was an important role to play. Otherwise acting was never my thing. I’m a passionate filmmaker and would like to remain one forever,” he added.

Known for his National award-winning Tamil comedy “Pasanga”, Pandiraj has also directed films such as “Vamsam”, “Marina” and “Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga”.

Asked if he would reconsider acting if he landed an interesting role, he said: “I may or may not because it depends on so many factors. I obviously can’t postpone my work to act in a film and, therefore, I will decide accordingly when an offer comes to me.”

“Moodar Koodam” is directed by Naveen, who also plays a pivotal role in the film alongside Oviya, Jayakumar, Anupama Kumar, Raja, Sentrayan, Kuberan, Manasa and Sanjeevi.

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