Varanasi seminar to mull over condition of widows

Lucknow, May 25 (IANS) Hindu seers and Sanskrit scholars are set to gather in Varanasi Monday to oppose the treatment meted out to widows and seek ways in which the plight of such women can be improved.

At a seminar organised by NGO Sulabh International, the scholars and seers would dwell on ways in which the plight of the widows of Varanasi could be improved. Sulabh International recently launched a pension and medical welfare scheme for 150 widows of Varanasi.

“A large number of widows from different parts of the country, who are spending their last days at Varanasi, are eagerly waiting to join these Sanskrit scholars and Hindu seers to talk of their feelings,” said Madan Jha, media advisor of the group, who spoke of the traditional practices force widows to live out their lives as if unwanted by society.

We will urge the eminent Sanskrit scholars to lend us a helping hand in strengthening our campaign against the practices that widows are forced to follow,” Sulabh founder Bindeshwar Pathak told IANS, adding that he held the firm view that the government must enact a law for the welfare, protection and maintenance of widows, which would see that their living conditions are improved.

Among the scholars set to arrive in Varanasi for the seminar are Ramesh Kumar Pandey of the Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan, Delhi, Sripati Tripathi, professor of Dharmshastra, Darbhanga Sanskrit University, Kameshwar Upadhay, Akhil Bharatiya Vidyawat Parisad, Anand Murti, sociologist, and Raviprakash Pandey of the Kashi Vidyapeet.

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