US museum educates visitors about bugs

Los Angeles, May 16 (IANS/EFE) Beetles, centipedes and tarantulas are among the insects that visitors to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, or NHM, can learn about.

“Bugs are important for the balance of an ecosystem because they eat all the plants that fall to the ground and that contributes to the process of the decomposition of natural matter,” NHM docent Jose Roberto Villaseñor told EFE.

The NHM is hosting the 27th annual Bug Fair next weekend.

The fair is the largest event about insects in the US and will offer visitors a wide range of activities.

Experts will discuss topics such as honey, silk, wax and bug-inspired artwork.

Visitors will be able to view collections of live insects, including bugs that fly and those that crawl around on the ground, Villaseñor said.

“Chefs Zack Lemann and David George Gordon, authors of the book ‘Eat-a-bug Cookbook’, will prepare delicious insect recipes for the dining pleasure of visitors,” Villaseñor said.



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