Spice up vacation with stylish loungewear

New Delhi, May 18 (IANS) So what if you’re on vacation? Pack your loungewear well to keep your fashion quotient high, say designer duo Shivan & Narresh.

“Loungewear is an easy and comfortable category of clothing where one can easily amalgamate their own personality with the clothes,” Shivan & Narresh told IANS in a joint email interaction.

To keep it comfortable, choose a breathable fabric like linen, which also has a classic appeal, they suggest.

“For the day, opt for silhouettes like trapeze jackets, A-line and egg-shaped dresses, pencil skirts, shorts in bright summery colours like scarlets, corals and whites,” added the duo.

These colours, according to them, flatter most skin tones.

“Corals and whites tend to make the Indian skin glow and look healthy and supple, while fairer skin tones adapt these colours to their wardrobes easily. These colours make those with darker tones look even better,” said the designer duo, who specialise in loungewear.

They suggest crisply cut and shaped linen shifts and dresses for the evening.

“While seeming formal, these give the breathability and ease that are synonymous with loungewear,” they added.

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