Cannes film fest red carpet most organised: Frieda Pinto

Mumbai, May 18 (IANS) “Slumdog Millionaire” fame Frieda Pinto, who was seen at the ongoing 66th International Cannes Film Festival, says the red carpet at the French Riviera is the most organised across the globe.

She is at the fiesta as the brand ambassador of a leading global beauty brand.

On day one of the fest, the actress walked the red carpet in a pink Gucci gown, while on the second day, she wore a ‘gild web gown’ designed by Sanchita Ajjampur.

“I am used to the whole red carpet thing in general. With the Cannes red carpet, what is so good is that they keep it so energetic. They play music in the background. In my opinion, it is the only organised red carpet in the entire world,” the 29-year-old said.

Calling her attire “an ensemble piece”, Frieda said that while walking the red carpet, she was taking along all those worked hard to give her that perfect look.

“Honestly, when I walk down the red carpet, it’s not just me walking down the red carpet. I am literally taking the make-up artist, the hair -dresser, the person who made my shoes , my clutch, my dress – everyone with me, because they all worked so hard in putting this whole ensemble, this piece together,” Frieda said.

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