Shimla put under high security alert for President visit

Shimla: President Pranab Mukherji’s two days visit to Shimla starting today has put the whole city on high security alert, besides introducing new changes everywhere.

President Pranab Mukherjee in Shimla
President Pranab Mukherjee in Shimla

As the President is coming to inaugurate convocation function of Himachal Pradesh University, government has deployed more than 200 policemen here to keep the whole university campus on surveillance.

In addition to it, all the buildings including administration block, ICDEOL, Arts block, Law department and the surroundings have been painted.

Roads are being repaired and swept. Proper arrangements have been made for security measures and car parking. The Vice Chancellor of HPU also visited the whole university in order to check the required managements.

To avoid the violent incidents like recently happened between SFI and ABVP activists, policemen at different locations in the university are checking identity cards of the students and not letting the students to enter who don’t have any identity proof of the university.
Enraged over strict security measures, Shivani Kaushal, a hostler and student of HPU said, “I was not allowed to enter in the university because I forgot my identity card at my hostel and I had to go back to the hostel to bring it, as the policemen were not letting me go inside. The students are being treated as outsiders by the dictatorship of these policemen.
Beside University, the whole city is under the same process, as all the roads and the surroundings have been cleared along with all the arrangements for resuming traffic problems. The illegal parking in the city has been sealed.
All the vehicles parked near Sanjauli Durga Gas Agency have been shifted either to New Bus Stand or Tara Devi after government notice. Those who didn’t shift their vehicles from there after the government directions, they were carried in cranes and have been sealed by the policemen.
Due to the non-availability of proper parking facilities, people are finding it difficult to park their vehicles.
Perturbed over the decision, Rakesh Chauhan, a private car owner said, “In order to facilitate President, who is coming for two days, government is putting the lives of lakhs of people in trouble. If Sanjauli parking were to be banned, then people should have been provided some other space for parking, as we are finding it tough where to park the vehicles.
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