‘Sector-specific action needed to cut carbon emissions’

New Delhi, May 22 (IANS) India needs to take sector-specific action and develop a mechanism to track the achievements in each area to achieve the goal of reducing carbon emissions, says a study conducted by WWF-India. The Indian government aims to reduce carbon emissions by 20-25 percent from the 2005 levels by 2020.

The study, which was supported by the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, highlighted the need for a system to track developments in the area of carbon emissions.

“To promote peer-to-peer learning, the report provides demonstrable examples of leading practices and policy measures introduced by states to pursue low carbon development, which other states should seek to emulate,” said Kunal Sharma, senior programme manager, climate policy, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation.

Low-carbon inclusive growth is one of the thrust areas of the 12th five year plan (2012-17).

WWF-India, with technical inputs from Ernst & Young, has developed a “Low-Carbon Growth Policy Tracker” for states.

The tracker assesses low-carbon policies across the country, evaluates their effectiveness in reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all major sectors and encourages new policies promoting overall low-carbon transformation and development at the state level.

Initially it has been launched in 10 states across eight sectors – power, transport, industry, buildings, waste, agriculture, forestry and the general sector – and assesses states on a total of 60 indicators, both qualitative and quantitative.

“The current work adds to the knowledge-base on good policies and practices that promote low-carbon development. It is intended to stimulate positive action among states and encourage best practices as well as to raise the level of ambition among them,” Ravi Singh, secretary general and chief executive of WWF-India, said in the report.

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