Saudi Arabia nabs 10 over spying for Iran

Riyadh, May 22 (IANS) Saudi Arabia has arrested 10 people on suspicion of espionage for Iran, the interior ministry announced Tuesday.

“Following an initial investigation, the security forces arrested 10 more suspects over involvement in the espionage acts for an Iranian espionage cell, reported Xinhua citing a spokesperson for the ministry.

The arrestees, comprising eight Saudis, a Lebanese and a Turk, are linked to the Iranian spy cell which was unveiled in March, the official added.

In March, Saudi Arabia announced 18 suspects — 16 Saudis, a Lebanese and an Iranian — were arrested on charges of receiving money from Iran to gather information on important sites in the gulf kingdom.

Later, the Lebanese suspect was released.

The fresh wave of arrests brings the number of those suspects detained in this case to 27, the official added. spokesperson said.

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