Patterns Software to train software designers

Chennai, May 15 (IANS) Patterns Software Design Institute plans to tie up with software product developers and engineering colleges to train their executives and students in software design architecture, an official said.

The company is a city-based software design consulting, audit and training firm.

“India is now becoming a place for development of software products. The demand for software designers is picking up. While experienced software professionals migrate to project management roles the designing of products is done by junior personnel who need proper foundation in designing,” B. Suresh Kamath, its managing director told IANS.

For Kamath this is his second business venture. The first one was Laser Soft Infosystems a core banking solutions company which he sold to Polaris Financial Technology Ltd. in 2009.

He said Patterns is currently consulting Exim Bank of Tanzania on charting out its information technology (IT) strategy, reviewing the bank’s software product design. The company also consults Polaris in running the core banking solution project for the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Kamath said the target segment for Patterns is engineering students aspiring to become product designers and employees of IT companies in emerging fields like cloud and mobile computing, social media and others.

The company will also train executives of banks and other organisations on the points to be factored while floating a tender for implementation of IT solutions in their organisations.

Kamath said the company will start online training after stabilising its operations in a year’s time.

“Traditionally Indian IT companies were subservient to the global companies. Ninety percent of the work that Indian companies got were of coding involving zero design element,” an official heading human resources in a software product company told IANS preferring anonymity.

Now the situation has changed and product companies designers who are paid higher and who will do only software design and architecture.

Training product designers is an area that needs much focus as the demand is picking up, the official added.

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