Pakistan interim PM vows on-time transition to new government

Islamabad, May 16 (IANS) Pakistan’s interim Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso Thursday promised to transfer power to the incoming government on time.

The Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N) party of twice prime minister Nawaz Sharif emerged the single largest party in the May 11 general elections and Sharif is set to lead the country for a third time, reported Xinhua.

“The next phase of democratic transition, which is the transfer of power to the newly-elected government, in accordance with the Constitution and the will of the people of Pakistan, will be completed soon and in stipulated time,” Prime Minister Khoso told a meeting here of the country’s cabinet.

Information Minister Arif Nizami said this week that the transition process will be completed by June 2.

The prime minister congratulated the nation for taking part in the elections and said that the first ever democratic transition of power is taking place in the country’s 65-year-plus history.

“I am thankful to the people of Pakistan for coming out in large numbers to exercise their right to vote,” he said.

He said the nation’s fearless participation in general elections has proved that it can defeat militancy and sectarianism with the spirit of collective well being of the people.

“Holding the timely election is a great victory of the people, democracy and the system,” he said, adding that all institutions worked day and night to accomplish the difficult task despite adverse circumstances.

Unfazed by Taliban threats and incidents of bombings, Pakistani voters turned out in large numbers to take part in the May 11 general elections recording a more than 60 percent turnout.

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