Number of internet, mobile phone users soar in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, May 17 (IANS) The number of internet and mobile phone users in Brazil has significantly increased since 2005 as more people from the middle and low classes have got access to them, official statistics showed.

The tally of internet users rose 143.8 percent to 77.7 million from 2005 to 2011, and the number of cell phone owners rose 107.2 percent to 115.4 million, reported Xinhua citing the country’s statistics agency IBGE.

Internet access increased in all income brackets, especially among poor people, IBGE said.

In the less developed northern and northeastern regions, internet access did not reach a tenth of the population in 2005, but increased to a third in 2011.

The highest shares of internet users are found among teens aged 15-17 (74.1 percent) and aged 18-19 (71.8 percent).

The number of Brazilians who have cell phones for personal use reached 115.4 million in 2011, up from 55.7 million in 2005. Again, the increase was more significant in the poorer northeastern and northern regions (174.3 and 166.7 percent, respectively), the agency said.

The highest share of Brazilians with cell phones is in the bracket of 30-34 years old, reaching 83.2 percent, it said.

The sale of smartphones in the country increased significantly over the last two years.

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