My mother, a friend for life: Sasheh Aagha

Mumbai, May 17 (IANS) Bollywood actress Sasheh Aagha says her mother, veteran actress Salma Aagha, is like a friend to her, and that she often guides her in career decisions.

“She is very supportive. She always guides me. She is like a friend in my life…She has always been there for me…(and she is) very protective,” Sasheh, who has made her Bollywood debut with “Aurangzeb”, told IANS.

“I do consult her. She always asks me if I am comfortable carrying it (the role). I like it when she says these things because it gives you (me) a clear picture of things,” she said.

Sasheh admits the pressure increases when one comes from a film family.

“I think when you belong to a film family, people notice you more. But they will pick you up only if you have the talent. If I am her (my mother Salma’s) daughter, and I didn’t have it in me, I won’t have got this film,” she said.

Her future plan is to try and essay different roles on screen.

“I want to do different kinds of looks and characters. I never want to repeat stuff. It has to keep changing,” she said.

Sasheh is well aware of the competitive nature of the film industry. But she has a positive attitude towards it.

“As an artist, I always appreciate and enjoy everyone who entertains me on screen and makes me feel like I connect to them – whether it is Parineeti Chopra or Anushka Sharma. I am the kind of person who will encourage my co-actors. This is how it should be,” she said.

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