Marriage laws bill on hold over women’s property share

New Delhi, May 1 (IANS) The decision on amendments to marriage laws has been referred to an empowered group of ministers (EGOM) by the cabinet as members were divided on a clause in it.

Sources said the Marriage Law Amendment Bill was referred to an EGoM as there was a disagreement on a clause which gave divorced women a right in the inherited property of her husband.

The amendment mooted by the law ministry suggested that a woman should have a share in a residential property of her husband. The property could be not only bought after or before marriage, but also his inherited and inheritable property.

As per the amended bill, women can expect a better maintenance amount from their estranged husbands even though they may be asked by courts to make a last-minute effort to save their marriage.

The government is incorporating these changes after the opposition in the Rajya Sabha opposed amendments to the Marriage Laws Bill in last monsoon session.

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