Kerala church gives cemetery land for road

Thiruvananthapuram, May 1 (IANS) A Kerala church here has agreed to remove a part of its cemetery to enable the widening of a road, a church employee said Wednesday.

The cemetery belongs to Saint Joseph’s Metropolitan Cathedral located in the heart of the city and is located a kilometre from the church.

Manuel Raj, who works in the church office, told IANS that it was after long deliberations with the laity of the church that it was decided to remove part of the cemetery.

“The church decided that 460 vaults would be removed. Ten vaults would be removed every day and the contents placed in newly-built vaults amid prayers,” said Raj.

The church has given away 22 cents of land (100 cents make an acre) and in exchange the government has given them 24 cents of land from the compound of a state institution that borders the cemetery.

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