Kavita Srinivasan: No fixed rule for success in showbiz

Chennai, May 19 (IANS) Southern actress Kavita Srinivasan, who is making her Telugu debut with a negative role in revenge-drama “Kalicharan”, feels there is no foolproof plan to be successful in showbiz.

“It’s hard to say what to follow and what not to in cinema because there is no conventional path to stardom. It’s important to be very open as an actor and do what your heart says, and that’s precisely why I chose to be part of the film,” Kavita told IANS.

“To attract eyeballs, it’s essential to do different kind of roles. I don’t know the dos and don’ts of acting, but I believed in the conviction and vision of my director,” she added.

Kavita plays the villain’s lover in “Kalicharan”, which is directed by Sri Praveen. It also features Chandini Tamilarasan, Chaitanya Krishna, Pankaj Kesari and Rao Ramesh.

“It’s a very bold and fiery character driven by love. I play a character called Kalavathi, who will do anything for love,” she said.

Set in the 1980s, “Kalicharan” is based on true incidents revolving around the life of late MLA Erra Satyam.

An architect from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Kavita’s passion for performing arts drew her to filmdom.

“Since I was interested in performing arts and dance, I enrolled in evening classes while working as an architect in Los Angeles. I was actively involved in acting workshops and short films. I knew I have only one life and I didn’t want to have any regrets and, therefore, I packed my bags and landed in Mumbai,” she said.

Kavita has already worked in a Tamil film called “Aadhiyum Andhamum”, which is yet to be released.

Did your education help you in acting?

“I believe it helped me in two ways. Firstly, it made me aware of space I’m in, which in a way helps me create my mood for any character. Secondly, the training I got in MIT provided a framework to understand a character or a story better,” she added.

She can speak in five languages fluently, but Kavita doesn’t know Telugu. However, she managed to dub in her own voice for the film.

“The director asked me to dub in my own voice and I did it. But dubbing certainly helped me understand my character and emotions behind it better. Since I play a character in a small town in India, I felt dubbing made a lot of difference,” she said.

“I’m open to any kind of roles, but I would love to do an action role if given an opportunity. But, as an actor I want to play roles that take me to a new place,” she added.

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