Hope Sharif will fulfill his promises on India: Congress

New Delhi, May 15 (IANS) The Congress Wednesday expressed the hope that Nawaz Sharif, after taking over as Pakistan’s prime minister, would fulfill his promise of not allowing his country to export terror.

Addressing a party briefing, Congress spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed said: “We hope Nawaz Sharif will fulfill his promises when he takes over.”

“There are elements that don’t want to see India-Pakistan ties prosper. We hope he will tackle these elements and we welcome his saying that he will not let Pakistani soil to be used to foment terror against India.”

Sharif, chief of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, is poised to take over as prime minister of Pakistan for the third time after his party swept the May 11 elections.

He has promised to foster warm relations with India and, in an interview with an Indian daily, has assured he will not allow his country to export terror.

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